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Duchy of Corn­wall: 4,000 new homes at Nansledan over a 40-year pe­riod

Blen­heim es­tate: 1,600 homes in Wood­stock, Oxon

Burgh­ley House es­tate: 2,000 homes in Stam­ford, Lincs

South­wick es­tate and the Benge es­tate: 6,000 homes at Wel­bourne, Hants

Great Oak­ley es­tate: 4,000 houses near Corby, Northants

Tor­na­grain, In­ver­ness-Mo­ray Es­tates (which built large parts of Ed­in­burgh’s New Town): 2-bed £162,000; 3-bed £215,000

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