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Harry and Jeff are de­ter­mined to out-par­ent their het­ero­sex­ual pals, be­cause — among other things — the twins weren’t ex­actly easy to come by. The sav­ings-de­vour­ing sur­ro­gacy, the com­pli­cated ne­go­ti­a­tions... by the time they’d been through all that you could be cer­tain their two chil­dren were the most dearly de­sired crea­tures who had ever had their um­bil­i­cal cords cut by a pair of men hold­ing hands. South Lon­don has taken them to its bo­som: the neigh­bours wel­comed the twins home with a muf­fin bas­ket ( jok­ingly ad­dressed to ‘Cameron and Mitchell’). Jeff does most of his PR job from home so he can be around the kids more. Harry, CFO of a Lon­don depart­ment store, is the prime bread­win­ner, but has man­aged to ar­range a nine-day fort­night. You should see them get­ting a flat white and a crois­sant on Satur­day morn­ing on Clapham Com­mon North Side: proud as punch with their his-and-his BabyBjörns strapped to their chests. The kids are a com­plete ob­ses­sion — and, thanks to Jeff’s hand­i­ness in the kitchen, are al­ready bet­ter eaters than al­most all of their con­tem­po­raries. They favour ‘pumzum’ cheese (you know, the hard Ital­ian stuff), stuffed olives and home­made pumpkin ravi­oli. Both dads were pretty non-scene in any case — though Jeff had his mo­ments in his early twen­ties. Since set­tling down, good hair and merino cardigans are the or­der of the day, and the first thing ei­ther man thinks when he hears the word ‘Grindr’ is of their Jamie Oliver spice mill. out­side in the drop-top MG how much they look up to him. Spoil them? Why shouldn’t he? He’s earned the money and the right. If He­len thinks he’s go­ing to stay in cook­ing them chick­pea curry when there’s MEATliquor and the 3D kids’ show at the IMAX to be had, she’s got an­other think com­ing. Chil­dren de­serve a bit of ex­cite­ment and (though he’d never say it to her face) the ‘hol­i­days’ with Mum in her par­ents’ musty cot­tage on the Nor­folk Broads don’t cut it.

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