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Deeper Into Movies’ Steven Hanley pairs masterpiec­es for the perfect double bill. @deepermovi­es

The Harder They Come (1972) and

Dancehall Queen (1997) Celebratin­g its 50th anniversar­y is The Harder They Come (back in cinemas 5 Aug). Reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff is Ivan, a small town Jamaican musician who travels to Kingston in search of fame and fortune. After being fleeced by a music producer, he finds himself resorting to petty crime to pay the bills. This is a story of success by any means necessary with a gritty and authentic edge. Perry Henzell’s unfiltered portrait of Jamaica’s music industry was for many the first time they saw the true delights of the Caribbean on screen. For another view of the island, try Dancehall Queen, a modern-day Cinderella story, with no Prince Charming, but one very strong woman fighting for a better life. Marcia (Audrey Reid) is a single mother and street vendor in Kingston. When her business and family are threatened, she devises an inspired plan to enter a dancehall contest in disguise to win the top prize. Full of over-the-top villains and incredible dance-offs, this film is irresistib­le.

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