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So what are we seeing? Bodies Bodies Bodies, starring Maria Bakalova (of the Rudy Giuliani sting in Borat), Myha’la Herrold (from Industry) and Pete Davidson.

As in Skete Davidson? Thought he was ‘Dead at 28’? Far from it. He’s here in one of 2022’s most-hyped movies, dead-panning the already heavily quoted, ‘I just look like I f***. You know? And that’s the vibe I like to put out there.’

Heavily quoted by… whom? Well, it’s illegal to talk about this film without saying ‘Gen Z’s something-or-other’, so mainly those guys. Probs. It’s basically Knives Out with more people saying they’ve got body dysmorphia, accusing each other of being ableist and discussing whether ‘toxic’ still means anything.

Gen Z’s Knives Out? Didn’t Knives Out come out two years ago? Yeah, and?

So isn’t Gen Z’s Knives Out basically just Knives Out? Fine, okay: it’s a bit less murder mystery, more slasher horror. It’s just that it takes place in a big, scary house, like Knives Out. It’s also nearly an hour shorter.

How short? Ninety minutes.

Why didn’t you start by saying that? Let’s go!

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