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Annabel Rivkin helps crack the happiness code


There I was, unable to motivate, tumbling into a familiar vortex of negative fantasy: I have nothing to offer, I am a terrible person, inadequate mother and likely to be imminently bankrupt. It was high summer and I was facing a weird week alone at home with not much work. I had intended to fill the time virtuously by taking myself on solo art dates, but I was horribly immobilise­d. A week of anticipate­d calm quickly morphed into a week of consistent disquiet. Through my gloom-tinted spectacles, the city looked as grubby as my mind. So I sat. And marinated in sweaty tiredness and deleteriou­s thinking. A reminder for a Zoom session with tapping expert Poppy Delbridge popped up on my phone. I was reluctant, but you can’t let people down unless you want to hate yourself even more. So I logged on. Poppy uses tapping to clear anxiety and tension, change habits, unleash personal power and find purpose. She taught me a ‘rapid tapping’ protocol, an alternativ­e for those who cannot stick to meditation or can’t quite buy into manifestat­ion and takes an easy two minutes. As you tap your fingertips on specific meridian points, you acknowledg­e your feelings (out loud), connect with yourself and open pathways for change. I immediatel­y felt less tired and hopeless and trotted off to the wondrous Cornelia Parker at Tate Britain. I have been tapping ever since — when I remember — and it’s always a little lift. The results, she says, are cumulative. I tend to believe her. ‘Tapping In: Manifest the Life You Want with the Transforma­tive Power of Tapping’, by Poppy Delbridge, is out now

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