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Emily is Emily Brontë? As in wuthering, wuthering, wuthering… Yes. Good that you’ve heard of her at least. Are you a fan of her other novels?

Oh, absolutely. That was a trick question — she only ever wrote the one. Don’t worry, though: going into Frances O’Connor’s directoria­l debut with limited knowledge of its subject is not necessaril­y a disadvanta­ge.

How so? Well, nobody knows much about Brontë’s life. Which means it’s an interpreta­tion, which in turn means Emma Mackey gets to play her as a troubled, hard-drinking, priest-shagging hurricane without historians getting too upset.

But was she actually a hard drin… Who cares? Not you, that’s for sure.

Fine, I’ll come. But that was a mean trick: embarrassi­ng me in front of all these people. Sorry. But this could be your way in to the magical world of the Brontës! You’ll be Amazon Priming Agnes Grey on the way home!

And what exactly is an ‘Agnes Grey’? It’s a long story. Well it’s not, but…

‘Emily’ opens in cinemas on 14 Oct

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