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Want to study a true art collector in their natural habitat? Head to Masters, the sibling fair to Frieze London and often overlooked. A shame, really, because it’s the one place you can peruse a Botticelli, Monet or rarely seen Picasso up close before it disappears back into a private home.

Naturally, it follows that Masters attracts an older, wealthier crowd (you’ll be just as dazzled by the hot-off-the-runway Bottega, Prada and Loewe as you will the art on the walls) but for first-timers, don’t be put off. Works to hunt down are an entire De Jonckheere gallery stand dedicated to Pieter Brueghel the Younger, and the curated booth Joan Miró — After The War, presented by Helly Nahmad gallery. Top marks to readers if you can find this week’s cover: Joris Van Son’s ‘A Still Life of a Swag of Fruit hanging Before a Stone Alcove’ (and send us a snap @ESmagazine if you do).

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