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The edits are in, the cover art selected — here’s a trio of new art book releases getting the ES team fired up for Frieze

Parenthood — it’s quite frankly exhausting. But the motherhood penalty is given a new focus in Hettie Judah’s radical study How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and Other Parents), speaking to more than 50 artists, that is part polemic, part practical tool kit for the world’s leading art institutio­ns.

On the subject of a more egalitaria­n art world, which has always been the main shtick of Katy Hessel’s award-winning podcast The Great Women Artists, it comes as no surprise that she is following it up with a book. The Story of Art Without Men wrestles with thorny conversati­ons on the inclusivit­y and erasure of women, people of colour and non-Western voices.

Familiar with Glenn Kitson? You should be. A Bolton-born artist and director, it’s Kitson’s cheeky Insta posts such as of Nicholas Lyndhurst (below), which marry images of British pop culture icons with some sassy alternativ­e biog, that have been immortalis­ed by Idea Books into a new coffee-table tome. Love-a-Likes will be available to buy for 24 hours only, and as part of a limited run. #Obsessed.

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