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Park Chan-Wook, I adore his films… Yeeeeah, me too, but Decision to Leave is nothing like his others. Think less blood, more panting. And the story is a winner. A sexy sleuth falls in love with his prime suspect.

I wonder how he came up with that one. Sounds a little obvious, no? True, Park has made his most un-Park-like movie so far. But it’s still genius. The Seoul Scorsese has done it again. Trust me, Korean cinema is on fire right now.

Yeah, I loved Parasite! That’s a good start. But seriously, Park is the OG. He’s Korea’s greatest filmmaker, I reckon, and finally he’s given the world a film that even Americans will be able to watch without a Josh Brolin remake.

So, go on, what’s this movie’s vibe? Well, it’s a confusing creation. Take the schlocky plotline of Basic Instinct, throw in Korea’s preppiest movie stars and as much heavy breathing as a low-fi romcom. What do we get? A winner at Cannes.

‘Decision to Leave’ is in cinemas 21 Oct

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