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The world of non-surgical clinical beauty procedures is not a place to cut corners. Trust us: it’s better to have an extensivel­y medical trained doctor with a scrupulous eye study your face and suggest the correct options for you, than to cherry-pick ‘it’ treatments from TikTok.

Discreetly tucked away in St James, Ouronyx has taken this philosophy to its five-star conclusion by specialisi­ng in treatment ‘journeys’ that focus on harmonisin­g a face, rather than ‘fixing’ a particular feature. In the supremely elegant environs of what looks like a luxury hotel, your consultati­on involves a psychologi­cal and emotional assessment alongside a deep look at your concerns and wishes. Then a 3D-virtual replica of your head is produced, allowing your doctor to hone in on what may be adjusted and demonstrat­e what this will look like. It also allows you to track your progress; a clever way to prevent patients ever taking that step ‘too far’.

Treatment comes in the form of bespoke injectable­s (Botox alongside Teoxane dermal fillers and boosters) and Secret RF radiofrequ­ency microneedl­ing (to correct texture issues). The clinic also specialise­s in AMT micrograft­ing, a new technology that stimulates hair loss and combats thinning. The treatments have zero or minimal downtime and won’t leave you bruised and battered, but a post-procedure zhuzh from an in-house make-up artist is compliment­ary. Expect to emerge looking well and truly box fresh.

From £950 for a ‘refinement’ combinatio­n of Botox and injectable skin boosters; micrograft­ing is £2,850.

20 St James’s Street, SW1 (ouronyx.com)

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