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Linda Evangelist­a’s much-publicised CoolSculpt­ing disaster has caused considerab­le intrigue about alternativ­e fat-reducing body treatments. The smart money is on machines that combine proven fat ‘melting’ and tissue-tightening technologi­es.

Having done her research, London superfacia­list Teresa Tarmey is the first to introduce the Venus Bliss machine to the UK, calling it ‘the most transforma­tive body sculpting device I have come across in 25 years’. It teams multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromag­netic fields, which boost collagen and tighten skin, with a 1064nm laser (this type reaches tissues under the skin without damaging its surface) that ‘bulk heats’ fat cells under the skin, destroying them and resulting in inch loss.

Is it a miracle? ‘We’ve seen fantastic results, but everyone is different so we can’t precisely predict how much fat anyone will lose,’ says Tarmey. ‘It’s why we create a bespoke plan.’ These are downtime-free but can be uncomforta­ble and the procedure is currently available only for the abdomen and flanks. But if you have stubborn fat pads that nothing will shift, this could be your go-to. £1,650 for a course of three treatments. 206-208 Kensington Park Road, W11 (teresatarm­ey.com)

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