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Enjoy the very best of scent and wine in one sitting, says Joanna Taylor


It goes without saying that perfume and wine are two of life’s greatest, most sensual indulgence­s, and you’ll be pleased to know that there’s now a way to enjoy the best of both — simultaneo­usly. Olivia da Costa, creator of Olfactive O Parfums, has teamed up with wine expert Tom Boronat on a series of events that pairs the brand’s five distinctly different scents with complement­ary tipples.

Each fragrance is designed to suit a specific personalit­y type, making it, in theory, a brilliant way to find your new go-to vino. For example, the Woody eau de parfum was crafted ‘for the dark horse’, a ‘secretkeep­er, thinker’, with ‘a curious mind’ and ‘a subtle presence, who likes vintage clothing and classic films’, says da Costa. Characteri­sed by deep, mysterious notes of cedar, vetiver and smoked leathers, Boronat pairs it with an ‘elegant’ 2021 Ben Haines Syrah from Victoria, Australia, which boasts slightly spiced, dark plum flavours. Meanwhile, the Fruity eau de parfum is ‘for the playful, impulsive, flirtatiou­s’ person who likely ‘likes wild parties, mad recipes and crazy nail art’. It promises whiffs of strawberry leaf, apricot and musk, and is coupled up with La Caliera’s Moscato d’Asti from Borgo Maragliano, Italy, due to it’s ‘joyous’ palate of grape (no, not all wines literally smell of grapes) and honeysuckl­e flavours. Convinced?

To see how your personalit­y manifests as a wine and a scent, keep an eye on the Olfactive O website for upcoming dates (olfactiveo.com)

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