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Never mind Hancock and the kangaroo bollocks… who would London really like to see in the jungle?


Gabba, Camden

‘Amelia Dimoldenbe­rg from Chicken Shop Date: she’s emotionles­s, very sarcastic and doesn’t care about anything, so I feel like she’d be very unreactive doing all the trials, which would be fun.’

Matthew, Islington

‘Fatima Whitbread, just because I feel the quality of the show has dropped and I think the only thing that can revive it is a cockroach up the nose.’

Jamison, Stoke Newington

‘Kanye West. It would be interestin­g to see him somewhere like that as he’s not used to being uncomforta­ble. I doubt he’d last long. He’d get kicked off for saying something…’

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