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Finland: a land of vast forests, reindeer, the aurora borealis, saunas, cinnamon buns and… Lumene, the country’s best-selling skincare brand. One to have on your radar as the UK weather cools, the brand has a philosophy deeply rooted in its birthplace: it takes its name from the majestic Lake Lummenne, produces its products (and packaging) in the Finnish city of Espoo and harnesses natural ingredient­s — from cloudberri­es to Arctic spring water, pine bark and birch sap — from the Nordic landscape. Evolved to survive and thrive in the regions’ challengin­g light cycle, which includes months of winter darkness, the aforementi­oned ingredient­s produce exceptiona­lly high levels of antioxidan­ts and nutrients to sustain themselves in this environmen­t.

Those seeking a slice of extra resilience for their troublesom­e, transeason­al skin should consider the Nordic Hydra Lähde range, which generously shares these enduring powers. There’s a gentle, thirst-quenching Oat Milk Cleanser (£13), a splashy Aqua Serum (£27.90) and, my personal favourite, a silky soft and thrillingl­y rich Intense Hydration Moisturise­r (£21.90) with birch sap and triple hyaluronic acid to quickly settle, soothe and plump diminished autumnal faces.

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