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The ES Magazine editor will be on the lookout out for a pair of three-inch Saint Laurent boots and a crate of Ruinart under his tree


1. SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Pot Pourri eau de cologne, Firenze 1221 Edition

This smells so good I want to drink it. Don’t worry, I probably won’t. £120 (uk.smnovella.com)

2. Mid-century neoclassic­al bronze urn

It might weigh as much as a full fridge, but imagine this beauty filled with flowers. £1,200, at brownrigg-interiors.co.uk 3. CABANA X LIBERTY Tapestry reversible super king quilt

My bedroom is an exercise in super-maximalism so this will fit right in.

£650 (libertylon­don.com)

4. DR BARBARA STURM Super Anti-Aging Serum

I wish this miraculous potion came by the barrel-load. £100 (drsturm.com) 5. RUINART crate of six Blanc de Blancs champagne

Perfect for my lethal champagne cocktails. DM me for the recipe. £408, at clos19.com

6. CINEMA SPECULATIO­N, by Quentin Tarantino The director on Seventies Hollywood classics such as Taxi Driver and Deliveranc­e. I’m in. £25, at waterstone­s.com 7. SAINT LAURENT Mick zipped boots

I’ve never been shy of a heel and these three-inch stompers will elevate any outfit.

£1,015 (ysl.com)

8. EDWARD SEXTON oversized grey check double-breasted jacket

Essential elegance from the greatest living tailor in the known universe. £1,200 (edwardsext­on.co.uk)

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