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- @bengcobb

My enjoyment of the great Christmas run-up has been put on hold. I’ve been struck down midrevelry with a winter lurgy. I’m a sneezing, sniffing, short-tempered mess as I type this from my sofa — don’t worry, I won’t turn this week’s letter into a pity party. Well, not all of it. Besides, if Susie Lau can file her Bubble Rap column while giving birth, I should probably STFU.

Getting ill is an occupation­al hazard for any self-respecting magazine editor at this time of year. For the next three weeks, every evening is packed with festive events I’m obliged — and, on occasions, eager — to attend. Quick moan but when was it decided that Thanksgivi­ng dinners could be thrown into the mix? Tonight, I’m supposed to be at a couple of brand launches followed by the 50th birthday of Mark’s Club, where ES Magazine held our own chandelier­swinging anniversar­y party. Luckily, I’ve never suffered from Fomo; to me, wishing you’re somewhere you’re not seems a particular­ly futile exercise. Anyway, I can always see what I missed in our After Dark page and, more importantl­y, it gives me the chance to catch up on the latest episode of The White Lotus. I’m going to presume you’re as obsessed with season two as I am.

As luck would have it, we have an interview with Will Sharpe from the show. You know, he plays the serial jogger/masturbato­r techmillio­naire who urgently — spoiler alert! — needs to tell his girlfriend he didn’t cheat on her with two prostitute­s while off his head on MDMA. Yes, him! Speaking of TV, this week’s cover star, Brent’s very own supermodel Jourdan Dunn, is swapping fashion shoots for a career on our screens. See her in the upcoming ITV show Riches, tantalisin­gly billed as a London version of Succession. We also have a brilliant piece by Kate Wills on the reality of life for asylum-seekers in our city and David Baddiel’s My London.

PS I promise to be fighting fit and less of a grinch next week. PPS I’m livid I missed Rodders at Mark’s Club.

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