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We’re on the brink! We’re all gonna die! What’s that coming over the hill?! Yowzers, you’re in a chirpy mood. If you think we’ve got the doomsday bug bad, try time-travelling to the Eighties when Don DeLillo wrote his great postmodern angst novel, White Noise.

Sounds like a headspin. Why are we going back there? Because director Noah Baumbach and Adam Driver, who did Marriage Story together, have reunited for a screen adaptation of the book people have been desperate to make for decades. On top of that, Baumbach’s brilliant wife Greta Gerwig is in it.

And is it brilliant? Well… there are two opposing answers to that question. It depends on whether you love having all the world’s existentia­l crises bundled into the back of a station wagon and driven straight at you by a craayzeee family. Or if the sight of Driver marauding through the apocalypse like a freakish chimera of Woody Allen and Alan Partridge disturbs you. Despite its Marmite appeal, everyone will be down with the retro Technicolo­r visuals.

Will I enjoy it? Like those visual jokes of men knocking each other over with planks, the hilarious ‘car in a river’ scene is sure to win you over.

‘White Noise’ is in cinemas 2 Dec and on Netflix 30 Dec

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