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Jail for wannabe DJ who made threats


A NEIGHBOUR from hell who blasted out dance music from his flat before threatenin­g to kill fellow residents and police has been jailed.

Wannabe DJ Stanley Marnie boasted he “runs the jail” after shouting threats towards his terrified neighbours.

A court was told how the 33-yearold accidental­ly knocked himself unconsciou­s after repeatedly bashing his head against a police cell.

Repeat offender Marnie was jailed after he admitted at Dundee Sheriff Court to threatenin­g his neighbours and police officers.

A booze-fuelled Marnie had been playing loud music from his flat in Dundee’s Kilberry Street throughout the morning on February 26.

Marnie, described as a talented DJ by his solicitor, videoed himself on Facebook playing music prior to one of the incidents.

Just before 1pm, Marnie went to the common close and shouted: “I am f ****** Stan Marnie and I have lived here the longest and I’ll outlive all of you.

“I will play music as loud as I f ****** want. Any of you phone the police on me and I will kill every single one of you.”

Fiscal depute Rachel Hill said Marnie, who repeatedly banged on the walls in the close, had caused his neighbours to live in “constant fear”.

She told the court: “Police were made aware of noise complaints against the accused at 8.45pm on March 1.

“They attended and attempted to charge the accused but his behaviour continued to accelerate.

“Within the cell in the rear of the police van, the accused swore and made threats to harm and kill officers.”

Marnie shouted: “I am Stan f ****** Marnie. You wait and see what happens to you when I get out this cell.

“I run the jail. I am gonna blow up your house, just you wait and see.”

The thug repeatedly headbutted the cell and spat repeatedly.

Miss Hill added: “The accused was taken to police headquarte­rs and headbutted the cell door with sufficient force to knock himself unconsciou­s.”

Marnie pleaded guilty from custody to shouting, swearing, threatenin­g his neighbours with violence, playing music at excessive volume as well as striking doors and walls on February 26.

On March 1, he acted aggressive­ly, repeatedly spat, struck his head against cell walls, shouted, swore and made offensive remarks on Kilberry Street and within a police vehicle.

Defence solicitor Doug McConnell said Marnie was still subject to an unexpired portion of a prison sentence but was hoping for assistance in the community.

“He has a talent for DJing,” Mr McConnell told Sheriff Alison Michie.

“The trouble is it gets him into trouble sometimes.

“There must be a way to try to get him into a position where he can use his talents for a positive rather than a negative.

“If there’s anybody that can escalate a situation it is Mr Marnie under the influence of alcohol.”

Marnie was sentenced to six months in prison, along with 50 days of the unexpired sentence.

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Stanley Marnie

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