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Right royal reward for Christmas card


AN eight-year-old Dundee charity fundraiser has spoken of her shock at receiving a thank-you card from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Catherine Letford, from Douglas, received the royal letter in the post after raising more than £500 for two Dundee charities by selling Christmas cards.

She designed and made the cards herself. Each one came with a label saying it had been “handmade by Catherine”.

The girl said: “I saw the letter and thought ‘oh’. Then I turned it around to the back to open it and I noticed the palace had been written on the back.”

She quickly called over mum Dawn-Marie Letford, 47, sensing something special was afoot before opening it.

“I was so shocked and surprised,” she said.

“I like them all, but Catherine is my favourite, because my name is Catherine.”

Known to many around the world as Kate, the Duchess’ full given name is Catherine Elizabeth.

The Dundee Catherine had previously written to the royal couple to offer them one of the cards – and to say hello to Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

Catherine said she was happy to help raise money for city food programme

Dundee Bairns and the Dundee United Community Trust.

“I decided to start raising money to help children and old people feel happy and so Dundee Bairns could give people a hot meal at Christmas,” she added.

“I wanted to help people who maybe live on their own and couldn’t get to see their families.”

Dawn-Marie said Catherine was always thinking about others.

“She is very much into the news and watches what is going on. She is like a sponge, taking it all in. She knew that people were on their own because of Covid-19 and couldn’t see family and friends.

“At Christmas, she asked what she could do to help and I said what about Christmas cards so that was it.

“She just wanted to raise as much money as she could. She likes the royal family.

“She’s got a wee soft spot for George, so she thought she would send them a card and a wee letter. She didn’t think anything of it.

“But last week, she received a letter back. It thanked her for taking the time to send a Christmas card and praised the work she had done for local charities.

“I was so proud of her.

“As a family, we are over the moon that she has always been the kind of child to put others ahead of herself.”

 ??  ?? GOOD NEWS: Catherine Letford, eight, with the Cambridges’ letter.
GOOD NEWS: Catherine Letford, eight, with the Cambridges’ letter.
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