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Our voice Lockdown exit could be ‘accelerate­d’


THE Scottish Government is to consider accelerati­ng its exit from lockdown, Nicola Sturgeon said, alongside her announceme­nt on pupils returning to school.

The first minister told MSPs in light of positive trends in coronaviru­s figures that “we will be considerin­g if it might be possible to accelerate the exit from lockdown in any way”.

She had previously announced plans for all primary school children and senior secondary school pupils to return to schooling from March 15.

Younger pupils in secondary school would not have returned until after the Easter holidays in April.

But she said it was now her “intention that all secondary school pupils will return to spend some time in school from March 15 until the Easter break”, with full-time in-school learning after the holidays.

Ms Sturgeon told MSPs the Scottish Government will consider in the next week if other planned easing of restrictio­ns can be accelerate­d. She said coronaviru­s figures in the past week were encouragin­g and ministers would be considerin­g if the exit from lockdown can be moved forward.

“When I update Parliament next week, I hope to be able to confirm some changes to Scotland’s Level 4 restrictio­ns,” she said.

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