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Parents asked for help after spate of city fires


POLICE are asking parents in Dundee to report their children if they come home smelling of smoke, after six fires were deliberate­ly set over the past two nights.

Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service were called to attend six deliberate fires across the city on Sunday and Monday.

Four fires were set in just an hour and a half on Sunday night, including on Derwent Avenue, Gleneagles Avenue, Ashmore Street and in woodland around Caird Park.

There were then two further deliberate fires on Monday night in Turnberry Avenue and Pitkerro Road.

Sergeant Karen Judge from Downfield police office is now asking parents to report their children if they come home in the evenings smelling of smoke or accelerant.

Despite Police Scotland sending out a warning on the “reckless and incredibly dangerous” impact of deliberate­ly setting fires, no arrests have been made and the force says it cannot yet say whether the fires were set by the same individual or group.

Sergeant Judge said: “It is extremely disappoint­ing to have to deal with incidents of this nature.

“Those involved are exposing themselves and others to huge danger and are also wasting the time of emergency services who are needed elsewhere.

“I would ask all parents in the area to ensure you know where your children are in the evening, that they are complying with Covid-19 regulation­s about being outwith the home and if they are coming home smelling of smoke or accelerant than you should be notifying us.”

Meanwhile, Gordon Pryde, Dundee area commander at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, asked parents to educate their children about the fatal consequenc­es of fires, saying: “Deliberate fires have the potential to cause injury and even death or devastatin­g damage to our environmen­t.”

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