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First minister’s parting gift?


WHETHER the first minister’s announceme­nt suggesting we might be getting out of lockdown quicker was by luck or by design, parents won’t care.

Nicola Sturgeon might be facing the fight of her political life over the Alex Salmond inquiry, but all over Scotland families will be focusing on one date – March 15.

In something of a surprise, the government announced all secondary pupils would be spending at least some time back at school before the Easter holidays, while pupils in P4 to p7 would return full time a week on Monday (see page 10).

It would all be terrific news if the SNP leader wasn’t facing calls to resign over new evidence raising questions over her involvemen­t in the Alex Salmond controvers­y.

If she is ultimately forced to step down, getting out of lockdown faster will be a parting gift her many supporters would be grateful for.

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