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Without UK aid it would be dire


I COULD not help but have a quiet laugh at Proud SNP’s praise for all the “concession­s” it has given us.

Pre-pandemic Scotland’s financial deficit stood at 8.6 %, with expenditur­e of

£15.1 billion more than it received in revenue.

Obviously Scotland is therefore spending money it doesn’t have!

The Scottish Government is trying to buy popularity (and votes) with the public.

Without the financial aid Scotland receives from Westminste­r via the Barnett Formula we would be in a dire situation.

Eventually all those “freebies” will have to be paid for.

There is no way the EU would accept

Scotland back into the fold with a deficit like that.

RON THE REALIST n I REFER to the letter from Proud SNP, stating that people who decide to relocate to England, if Scotland became independen­t, would miss out on all the free benefits he mentioned.

May I remind him that nothing is free, and after checking the Institute For Fiscal Studies, Scotland had an 8.6 % deficit in the year 2017/18, and is also the highest tax area in the UK.

The SNP has tried every bribe in the book to try to sway the minds of the Scottish people without revealing any concrete financial plans if they ever achieve their goal, including turning down full fiscal autonomy.

So some very hard choices would have to be made if we ever decided to become independen­t, and all these benefits would disappear.


n DENNIS Grattan is right. Nicola Sturgeon is enjoying her role.

She is revelling in having so much power and control over us. That’s why she has the appearance of managing the crisis.

Boris wants the people to be free, which is why he gives the impression of being jittery.

And “Proud Of First MInister, Proud SNP” should be warned.

Rest assured, these Scottish privileges of free prescripti­ons, etc, would soon stop if Scotland had to self fund.


n REMEMBER these things we have are of the devolved parliament, nothing to do with independen­ce.

So regardless of who is in power, Scotland would still have the things you point out, prescripti­ons, meals etc.


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