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Whose job is it to remove roadkill?


DRIVING on the A90 Arbroath to Dundee road I was saddened to see the corpse of a fox half on the road and the middle verge. It looked as it had not been there very long.

There was a flatbed truck parked on the side verge opposite it and I thought it was council workers going to remove the body. However, a few days later I drove past and the fox was still there.

Then, nearer to Claypotts traffic lights I spotted the remnants of some other poor creature. It was so squashed into the road, having been driven over innumerabl­e times, that it was hard to tell at glance what type of animal it was.

Roadkill, unfortunat­ely, does happen and is sometimes unavoidabl­e – but whose job is it to remove these bodies from our roads?

Surely the onus has to lie with someone. BAMBOOZLED

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