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Us for six’


budget and, obviously, it hasn’t happened.”

Fortunatel­y, United are covered by a business interrupti­on insurance policy that protects them from the specific circumstan­ces the club has just endured – and is set to pay out.

For Bond, that is a huge positive as he starts preparing a budget for next season that could yet be further boosted by fans.

He said: “Our policy was quite clear that we were covered, so we’ve been working on this for a long while.

“We haven’t had a payout yet but we’re hoping to get substantia­l payouts in the coming weeks and months that will help fill the gap.

“If that happens, clearly, and we can get fans on board with season ticket renewals, next season will hopefully be a fairly normal season, budget wise.”

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 ??  ?? Derek is working on his budget for next season.
Derek is working on his budget for next season.

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