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More than 100 homes approved despite concerns


MORE than 100 properties are to be built in Blairgowri­e despite concerns raised by several residents.

Westpark Partnershi­p LLP’s plans will see 71 homes and 32 flats built on land near Blairgowri­e High School and the town’s Lidl and Home Bargains stores.

Some of the homes, 73 overall, will be affordable and the rest reserved for private sale.

The properties form part of a wider mixed use developmen­t plan for the site, for which permission in principle was approved in 2018.

The applicatio­n was supported yesterday, despite 21 objections from local residents. Issues of concern raised included visual impact on the area, loss of privacy, risk of flooding, inappropri­ate land use and the impact on existing infrastruc­ture.

The plans were discussed at a meeting of Perth and Kinross Council’s planning committee, where councillor­s also expressed doubts.

Conservati­ve Blairgowri­e councillor Bob Brawn raised concerns about the impact on local services such as GP practices, some of which he claimed have now reached, or are nearing, their capacity.

He said: “This is a big developmen­t and a big site and I have some concerns.”

He added: “GPs cover Blairgowri­e and Rattray and I feel we need to make some inquiries there in preparatio­n for the future.

“With the developmen­t I have concerns over all the affordable housing being all in one site, which is against council policy.

Councillor Ian James spoke in favour of the plans, saying: “We’ve already given it planning in principle and don’t see why we should turn it down.”

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