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Chance to get some exercise in Fife town festival


RESIDENTS in St Andrews have been encouraged to get out and get active this week.

The Active Travel for All Festival, organised by Transition University St Andrews, is an opportunit­y for people, no matter their age or ability, to get out and get active, culminatin­g in a festival in St Andrews Church Square on Saturday.

From trying out running for the first time to getting out for their first bike ride, there is a range of activities to take part in.

The active week coincides with UK-based charity Sustrans’ Big Walk and Wheel, which began on Monday and runs until Friday March 31.

The Big Walk and Wheel scheme aims to inspire pupils to make active journeys to school, improve air quality in their neighbourh­ood and discover how these changes benefit the world around them.

“Being active is important for everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing and if you are able to use your travel time to do it this will save you money and time and also lower carbon emissions for St Andrews,” said Andrea Habeshaw, sustainabl­e transport officer for Transition University St Andrews.

“We provide lots of practical ways to lower the carbon footprint of the town and university and most of what we offer is free, from bike rides and bike-fix sessions twice a week to low-cost bike hire.

“People often think we are there just for students, but everything we do is open to all.”

The group will bring along a fleet of adaptive cycles that can be used by people with minor strength issues to no movement whatsoever.

Last mile delivery is another focus of the event, which aims to support small businesses to make and reduce deliveries by cargo bike, either pedalpower­ed or electric assisted.

Transition University St Andrews currently uses an ecargo bike to make deliveries for local food project the Tree and other initiative­s.

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