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Our actions impact those less fortunate


THE ARTICLE entitled “BBC urged to get Lineker row fixed” in the March 13 Evening Telegraph reminds all of us how self-centred and selfish we all are thinking that the shortcomin­gs of the BBC and the overpaid and overrated presenters of the Match of the Day team only involved themselves.

The ET gives the Royal National Institute of Blind People the opportunit­y to express their disappoint­ment about the antics of the BBC, Gary Lineker, Mr Shearer and Mr Wright.

I am as guilty as most because I switch off the sound because I cannot listen to their lack of technical expertise, expressed quite eloquently by the presenters of other sports channels.

Don’t get me wrong about the presenters; I think they are thoroughly nice people and I am old enough to remember them as superb centre forwards.

It is quite ironic, is it not though, that without the three gentleman in question the viewing figures for MOTD Saturday evening increased by 500,000 which sadly is of no consequenc­e to the members of the RNIB, nor indeed is the fact that I cannot bear their waffle and turn off the sound which is required for RNIB’s existence.

The vague guidelines of the BBC will have to be firmed up of course so there is absolutely no doubt that the impartiali­ty of the organisati­on is observed.

Mr Lineker’s choice of words were of course inappropri­ate and should not be repeated on any BBC platform.

As for Mr Shearer and Mr Wright, I will never be the chair of the BBC but if I were, these gentleman would depart the scene at the first opportunit­y; their actions were misguided.

So it’s many thanks to the Evening Telegraph for reminding us that some of our actions have consequenc­es for other people less fortunate than ourselves.

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