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Racial abuse amid row over taxi fare


A TAXI driver was racially abused during a row with a couple he suspected were trying to dodge their fare.

Alan Phillips called the cabbie a “black b ***** d” in a raciallyag­gravated verbal attack in the city’s Lansdowne Court in 2021.

The 52-year-old appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court, alongside 48-year-old Lyn Finlay, and admitted repeatedly shouting and swearing at the driver after he refused to take them to another address.

Finlay pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner, likely to cause fear or alarm, for her role in the ruckus.

Sentenced to carry out 90 hours of unpaid work within six months, Phillips complained from the dock the timescale “was not long enough”.

Sheriff Paul Brown said he would not accept any “frivolous” excuses for the work not being done.

The court heard Phillips and Finlay got embroiled in an argument with the taxi driver on November 3.

Depute fiscal Larissa Milligan told the court: “At around 8pm, the complainer had been sent to collect both accused from an address on Hilltown. They were taken to Lansdowne Court.”

She said: “Phillips left the vehicle briefly to go into the multi while Finlay remained inside the car.

“The complainer was conscious he had been ordered to collect other fares.

“Phillips returned to the vehicle, but wished to go to another location.

“The complainer asked how long he would be. A dispute between the complainer and Phillips began, during which Phillips shouted and swore at the complainer.”

He ranted: “What are you f***ing worried about, you’ve got the meter running.”

Ms Milligan said: “Both accused then said they’d already given the complainer £40, which was not the case.

“The complainer became concerned the fare would not be paid.

“He asked them to leave the taxi.” The fiscal depute said: “Phillips shouted and swore at the complainer.

“Finlay entered the taxi at the driver’s side door, the complainer became worried and removed her from the vehicle.

“She fell to the ground.

“Phillips, of South Tay Street, then suggested the complainer had assaulted Finlay.”

Ms Milligan said: “A discussion between the two continued, during which the complainer pushed Phillips, causing him too to fall.

“The complainer then got back to his taxi. Phillips called him a black b ***** d.”

Police were called and officers overheard Phillips using the slur.

Sheriff Brown deferred sentence on Finlay for six months.

 ?? ?? Lyn Finlay and Alan Phillips.
Lyn Finlay and Alan Phillips.

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