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Claim that Euro Super League can greatly benefit Old Firm


A NEW-LOOK European Super League could have major benefits for the Old Firm, according to the chief executive of the project.

Plans are being developed for a new, open-access continenta­l competitio­n by A22, a company which also promoted the hugely controvers­ial version of the Super League which launched briefly before collapsing in April 2021.

A22 and its chief executive Bernd Reichart have spoken to nearly 50 European clubs and stakeholde­rs to develop 10 principles which underpin its plans for a new competitio­n.

He did not confirm whether Celtic or Rangers were among those clubs due to confidenti­ality agreements, but believes “big clubs in small leagues” like them would benefit from the A22 project.

He said: “Analysing the situation of the Scottish top clubs, the situation they’re in is quite comparable to other European leagues where domestic revenues are not sufficient to grant competitiv­eness on the bigger European stage, although they have every condition to be one of the big European clubs – football tradition, modern stadia, passionate fan base, historic track record and trophies.

“What can change for big clubs in small leagues was one of the essential assessment­s we did over the course of the last six months.”

The original Super League was heavily criticised as it proposed that 15 clubs would be permanent members of a 20-team competitio­n, with no threat of failing to qualify for those permanent members.

A22 is now proposing an open, 60 to 80-team multi-divisional format, guaranteei­ng competing teams at least 14 European matches per season.

Asked what the benefit of A22’s proposals might be to Scotland’s top clubs, Reichart said: “I see a big opportunit­y in a multi-divisional system which is granting access to 60 or 80 clubs to have a strong second column (of revenue) you can build your ambition on.

“Currently the recurrent, solid competitio­n you’re building your project on is your domestic league.

“If those big clubs in smaller countries would have a chance of a stronger, more sustainabl­e, more predictabl­e European footprint, with a guaranteed amount of matches ahead of the season they qualified for, that could actually give them, step by step, an opportunit­y to have a more meaningful European path and build that project and their European ambition on something which is more predictabl­e.

“It’s more stable than qualifying for the Champions League or trying to go through the previous rounds of qualificat­ion, because for a lot of clubs the Champions League and the other Uefa competitio­ns are far from being wide open.”

The future and shape of any new Super League project hinges on the outcome of a European Court of Justice Grand Chamber ruling expected later this year.

A22 brought a case against Uefa and Fifa, arguing that the governing bodies were abusing a dominant position under European competitio­n law by first blocking the formation of the old Super League and then seeking to sanction those involved.

Celtic and Rangers have been approached for comment.

 ?? ?? Celtic and Rangers could be helped by a new league.
Celtic and Rangers could be helped by a new league.

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