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ALAN STUBBS has revealed his ambition to one day manage Celtic.

The former Parkhead centre-back, who twice underwent treatment for cancer during his time in Glasgow, would like to return and win the championsh­ip as a way of repaying the support he received from the club and its fans.

Stubbs (pictured) is currently sitting his A Licence on the SFA’s coaching course, while working alongside Everton’s reserve team manager, Andy Holden. He sits his final exa ms i n May and the 3 8-year-old believes that he is destined to return to Scotland again in his working life.

If the chance was to come at Celtic Park some time in the future, it would feel to Stubbs as though he would have completed the circle.

He spent five years at Celtic Park, after joining from Bolton in 1996, and was a key member of the 1998 title-winning side. He was still at the club when the championsh­ip was won again, in 2001, but played only a few games while recovering from testicular cancer. “It’s strange, but somehow it feels as

if there is an urge to go back to Scotland,” he says.

“I loved Scotland and my family had a great time there. I feel that one day I will manage in Scotland. Where, I don’t know.

“What size of club, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s unfinished business or not.

“If, one day, the opportunit­y [to manage Celtic] came along, it would be too much to knock back. For what Celtic did for me while I was there, if there was a way to repay them, I would take it.

“If one day, whether it’s five or 10 years down the line, I went back and won a title for them, I suppose that would be paying something back. It would be nice to do that.”

Stubbs sat his B Licence with the FA in England, but decided to return to Scotland for the next part of his coaching qualificat­ions because of the reputation of the SFA’s course, which is now being run by Donald Park, the former Hibs assistant manager.

David Unsworth, Paul Gerrard and David Hannah are all also studying with Stubbs.

“Compared to the English one, it’s a lot more enjoyable,” Stubbs says.

“The coaching is good. I don’t know if it’s because of the Scottish managers in the Premier League who seem to be doing well, but the course has a good reputation.”

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