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Pupils struck down by bug

56 primary kids are off sick


MORE than a third of pupils at a Lanarkshir­e primary school have been infected with the winter vomiting bug.

Council bosses were forced to call in the health authoritie­s after dozens of pupils were struck down with norovirus.

A total of 56 pupils and five staff are off sick.

MORE than a third of pupils at a primary school have been struck down by the winter vomiting bug.

A total of 56 pupils, from a roll of 160, and five staff are off sick from Baird Memorial Primary School in Condorrat, North Lanarkshir­e.

Council chiefs called in the health authoritie­s who in turn notified GPs after dozens of pupils became affected.

Tests revealed the illness was norovirus , which has affected hospital patients in Glasgow.

One 33-year-old parent, from Cumbernaul­d, who asked not be named said: “There’s an awful lot of pupils off sick. I’m lucky because my daughter’s not been affected.

“But it’s probably only a matter of time as most of her friends have been affected by it.”

As soon as education bosses became aware of the bug, parents were informed by letter. Infected pupils and staff were told not to return to school until they’ve been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

North Lanarkshir­e Council said the bug had been identified on Wednesday. A spokesman added: “There was a letter sent out to parents on Thursday.”

The winter vomiting bug is a mild but unpleasant illness, but it is highly infectious and some believe it can leave the frail at greater risk of developing more serious infections.

Outbreaks in hospitals have forced NHS managers to close ward sin Glasgow and in 2 0 0 7 there was a 20% rise in the number of cases.

A spokesman for NHS Lanarkshir­e said: “We issued infection control guidance to the school with regards to cleaning measures and stressed the importance of good hygiene practice stop revent the spread of germs.”

 ??  ?? Five teachers at Baird Memorial are also ill
Five teachers at Baird Memorial are also ill

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