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Call for review of funding for CCTV


THE funding of more than 2200 CCTV cameras in public places should be “urgently” reviewed, a Scottish Government report says.

Over the years, money has been provided by the government for police and councils to instal cameras in public places, but without response strategies in place, or ways of evaluating their effectiven­ess.

And there are no long- term funding arrangemen­ts in place, the report said, adding: “Funding for existing CCTV systems across Scotland must be urgently reviewed.”

Many systems are becoming obsolete or beyond economic repair, it said, and funding restrictio­ns mean not all are continuall­y monitored.

The findings come in one of three reports pub- lished by the Scottish Government on CCTV used by police and councils in public places, and call for regular reviews to ensure cameras are located where they are most needed, and more clarity on the use to which they are put.

Community Safety Minister Fergus Ewing said the review was to get an accurate picture of how CCTV is used: “I will now establish a working group to take forward the recommenda­tions,” he said.

Solicitor General Frank Mulholland said CCTV had proved “invaluable” in prosecutin­g crime: “Recent examples have included Christophe­r Miller for the murder of Kunal Mohanty, Marek Harcar for the murder of Moira Jones and Vitas Plytnykas for the murder of Jolanta Bledaite.”

 ??  ?? Scotland has more than 2200 cameras in public places
Scotland has more than 2200 cameras in public places

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