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Old bridge reopens to traffic

£1.5m brings historic Paisley link up to date


PAISLEY’S 130-year - old Abbey Bridge has been restored to its former glory following a six-month £1.5 million rebuild.

Renfrewshi­re Council has strengthen­ed an d refurbishi­ng the B-listed landmark.

The work has included re-casting 13 tonnes of iron facia panels and parapets. Both of the original 30-tonne, latticegir­der pedestrian walkways were also replaced and the bridge deck waterproof­ing and movement joints have been renewed as well.

A new lighting system has also been installed to illuminate the bridge at night.

As the bridge reopened to traffic yesterday, Councillor Marie McGurk , convener of Renfrewshi­re Council’s Environmen­t and Infrastruc­ture Policy Board, said: “It is wonderful to see the Abbey Bridgere stored to its former glory but this work is far more important than just making the bridge look good.

“The bridge spans the White Cart River and is a crucial piece of transport infrastruc­ture. Restoring it is a key component of the council’s strategy for regenerati­ng the town centre .

“The bridge provides direct access to Paisley Abbey, Renfrews hire House and the Town Hall and is used by thousands of workers, tourists and visitors to get to these facilities. This work will ensure the bridge’s future and preserve its Victorian character.”

The Abbey Bridge was built by Hanna, Donald and Wilson in 1879.

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 ??  ?? The once rusting Abbey Bridge is now good for another 130 years
The once rusting Abbey Bridge is now good for another 130 years

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