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Rangers players showing passion


exchange between Kenny Miller and Madjid Bougherra in a training session, and then captain David Weir verbally ploughing through Kyle Lafferty in the dressing room after his limp firsthalf performanc­e at Pittodrie.

But Smith sees no reason to be overly concerned by the incidents.

“Nacho knows that one aspect of his reaction was wrong,” he said.

“They all know that and they have always shown a great deal of care.

“A lot of time they do take a fair level of abuse and sometimes if the team is not doing well, even though you’re a substitute, you still feel that.

“I don’t think there is any great problem with our discipline overall.”

Smith may have a reputation as a disciplina­rian but in fact he is very much a players’ manager who tends to be understand­ing towards them.

If anything, for Smith the Weir-Lafferty incident was demonstrat­ion of his captain’s credential­s. Even the flare-up between Bougherra and Miller, triggered by the Scotland striker publicly criticisin­g the Algerian for returning late from internatio­nal duty, was tolerable for Smith.

He said: “The thing with Kenny and Madjid isn’t a particular­ly good thing to happen but Davie Weir and Kyle Lafferty is reasonably normal. We were 1-0 down and not playing well against a team we were hoping to beat. That’s normal. They’ve got to show a desire to win.

“Kenny and Madjid have sat down and said what they had to say in front of each other so that’s it. It’s finished with. It’ll not carry on or spill over into anything else.”

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