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Cops search 1, 016 in city safety blitz

‘Ring of steel’ crackdown is hailed a success


MORE than 1,000 people were searched by police as a “ring of steel” was thrown up around Glasgow city centre.

Operation Rose flooded the city with police officers to stop crime in the city centre and protect a festive surge of visitors on Friday, one of the busiest nights of the year.

More than 150 officers took part, making 16 arrests, as checkpoint­s we r e s e t u p at eve r y route into the city, metal detectors scanned for knives at transport hubs and automatic number plate recognitio­n units c h e c ke d ve h i c l e s fo r criminal connection­s.

Plain clothes detec- t ive s a l s o r o a m e d t h e city’s streets and police say it was such a hit with the public it could be staged across Scotland.

From a total of 1,016 stop-and-search actions, a mo n g t h o s e a r r e st e d were seven for alleged breach of the peace; three for alleged vehicle theft; two with drugs offences; and one for an alleged assault.

There were also seven f i xe d p e n a l ty n o t i c e s i s su e d fo r d r i n k i n g o r urinating on the streets.

Chief Superinten­dent Bernard Higgins, divis i o n a l c o mma n d e r fo r Glasgow City Centre and West Divisions, said the aim of “making sure the public felt safe to enjoy t h e ms e lve s ” h a d b e e n achieved.

Usually around 50,000 revellers are in the city on a Friday night but during December that can rise to 100,000, police say.

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