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UN climate talks pose ‘challenge’

Minister admits public need to be convinced


DENMARK : Politician­s face a “huge challenge” to convince people that action on global warming should be a priority, E d Mi l i - band said, ahead of crunch UN talks in Copenhagen.

Officials from more than 190 nations are gathering for the discussion­s, amid calls for more ambitious action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and avert “catastroph­ic” climate change.

Mr Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said voters needed persuading that action would be good for the economy and be fair to vulnerable people, admitting: “There is a mountain to climb on this, globally and nationally.”

But he said there was “as close to a scientific consensus as possible” that global warming is happening and is man- made. And he hit out at climate change critics, saying: “This is difficult and it does require difficult decisions, and spreading doubt when the scientists are telling us that the science is clear is, in my view, irresponsi­ble.”

Mr Miliband came under fire from To r y former chancellor Lord Laws on of Blaby, wh o said “extremely damaging and harmful policies” were being put forward ostensibly to tackle global warming.

“They would cost far more than any good they could conceivabl­y do,” Lord Laws on told the programme.

And he said that Mr Miliband ought to be “ashamed” for seeking to stifle debate on the issue.

 ??  ?? Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband
Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband

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