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They were all floored after the sales


WHAT wouldn’t these women give for a magic carpet. The year is 1948 and rather than wasting their heard-earned cash on such fripperies as new shoes, make up or fancy party togs, these Glasgow girls were first in the queue at a city sale to buy new fireside rugs for their homes.

And rather than humph them all the way, they waited at a city centre bus stop to take their loads home.

Back then of course, in the days before central heating and wall-to-wall carpets, a well-made rug was essential to keep your feet off the cold floor as you scurried from bed to bathroom or living room to kitchen. What’s more, they helped stop freezing cold drafts whistling up from between the loose fitting floorboard­s of tenement flats.

And with coal fires usually the only source of heat in a house, hearth rugs often ended up singed and pock-marked with cinder burns. Thank goodness for the sales.

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