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Patients say boxer Bruce is the top dog


A DOG called Bruce has been named Therapet of the Year by t he Canine Concern Scotland Trust.

Bruce, owned by Patricia McMahon of Bellshill, Lanarkshir­e, was nominated by staff in Ward 3 at Wishaw General Hospital, the Glen Orchy and Glen Nevis Ward of Coathill Hospital, in Coatbridge, and the Dementia Club in Ward 10 of Wishaw General Hospital.

Bruce was first registered as a Therapet in May 2013, and often visits patients, along with volunteer Patricia, to provide companions­hip.

Canine Concern representa­tive for Glasgow and Strathclyd­e, James Macdonald, said: “Patients, especially ones who have had pets throughout their lives, gain a great deal of comfort and joy at having close contact with him.

“The patients look forward to Bruce’s visits. He is very patient and friendly, enjoying staff and patients petting him.

“Bruce has a good temperamen­t, he brings comfort and companions­hip to the patients. He is calm and he brings happiness to the ward environmen­t.

“Patricia is very good and very accommodat­ing. If we ask her if she can come in on an extra day she will if she can.”

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