My ‘trailer’ op was the NHS at its very best

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YOUR ar­ti­cle in the Evening Times on Novem­ber 29, re­gard­ing an op­er­a­tion in a car park, prompts me to write that eight weeks ago, I was op­er­ated on in the so-called trailer in the car park in the Golden Ju­bilee.

I would just like to say, es­pe­cially when the hos­pi­tal down the road is get­ting so much stick, that I was treated by very pro­fes­sional and com­pe­tent staff, from the porter to the sur­geon.

And I would also like to point out the trailer in the car park is a very hi-tech piece of equip­ment which sorted my heart prob­lem out in no time. Well done, NHS.

Billy Macdonald Glas­gow

THE SNP man­i­festo has no pro­pos­als to raise in­come tax, cor­po­ra­tion tax, fuel duty, sugar taxes, al­co­hol taxes or in fact any taxes, but they call for huge in­creases in pub­lic spending. They are cru­elly pre­tend­ing to the vot­ers that you can have bet­ter ser­vices and low tax­a­tion.

Tracey Thonas via email

The SNP don’t re­ally want an­other in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum

They want the cosy mar­tyr­dom of get­ting slapped down by tyran­ni­cal south­ern­ers. That keeps ar­dent na­tion­al­ist vot­ers on­side.

If the SNP wanted a ref­er­en­dum they would force it with a pe­ti­tion. Of­fi­cials of the UK Par­lia­ment would even host the pe­ti­tion for them, and run it elec­tron­i­cally with no doorstep­ping or foot-leather needed

It takes 100,000 sig­na­tures to force a de­bate at West­min­ster. Would West­min­ster slap down a pe­ti­tion bear­ing two mil­lion sig­na­tures? They might, but it wouldn’t be a quiet week at West­min­ster or in Scot­land.

The de­mand would be morally un­de­ni­able. Now my trick ques­tion. How ex­actly could a na­tional de­ci­sion for in­de­pen­dence be re­versible? What would oblige the UK to ac­cept Scot­land’s re­turn? One part­ner can leave the other, but it takes two to re­con­sider. Or do we sen­tence Eng­land to UnionRef ev­ery seven years to bal­ance the ev­er­last­ing IndyRef? A con­trac­tual right to re­turn in the treaty of se­ces­sion?

Who could grant that? It’s no use step­ping out and looking back both at once I’m a Union­ist who has never been hos­tile to in­de­pen­dence if the peo­ple want that. All the ar­gu­ments are guess­work, and un­nec­es­sary be­cause in­de­pen­dence and union are is­sues of de­sire alone.

Break­ing up is hard to do, but the break with Europe is too squalid and wrong to ac­cept.

Tim Cox via email

IN re­sponse to Euan Block­ley’s col­umn, (Evening Times, De­cem­ber 2) we have al­ready sent a mes­sage to the SNP, by over­whelm­ingly voting for them.

Mark Blan­shard posted on­line

THE SNP can do plenty wrong. But I’ll take them over the de­struc­tive Tories any day of the week. Boris John­son is a man who has been sacked for ly­ing in two pre­vi­ous jobs, and he con­tin­ues to lie in ev­ery de­bate he both­ers to turn up to.

He has been pro­moted well above his level of com­pe­tency and if you think elect­ing him as PM again will ben­e­fit this coun­try then I’ve got a gar­den bridge to sell you.

Ross Nicholson Posted on­line

The Golden Ju­bilee Hos­pi­tal in Cly­de­bank, near Glas­gow

Pic­ture: Colin Mearns

Marchers on Byres Road, Glas­gow for the St An­drew’s Day Torch­light Pa­rade

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