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ACROSS 1 20Dn could be all Indy “Yes!” Oh? (7,5) 9 What haunts a ho­tel, ac­cord­ing to hearsay, might work for the Miche­lin Guide (9) 10 Free ladies and gents per­fume, at last! (5) 11 Lean on in­vad­ing fan, crazed with fi­nale of act (3-3) 12 What 9Dn stands for, with 16Dn (4,4) 13 Trump, for in­stance, places heavy metal be­fore Queen (6) 14 Mother of James VI em­braces her sub­ject of lucky charms (8) 17 Build­ing re­ac­tion after fourth moves up to first (8) 19 Fes­ti­val fringe’s left a high voice in dis­pute (1,3-2) 21 Source of il­lu­mi­na­tion left after an in­side en­gage­ment (8) 23 Smear sack with gold and black (6) 25 Where 22Dn is on li­cence? (5) 26 Starts to act ner­vously after break­fast be­gins with short­age - empty bot­tle of sauce! (5,4) 27 Labour, ini­tially un­happy, left a Con­ser­va­tives’ re­search cen­tre (12) DOWN 2 Not feel­ing at home at get­ting into emo­tion (9) 3 When Labour ex­pected vol­ume bor­row­ing to end? (3,4) 4 Top man’s voice reg­u­larly ig­nored mael­strom (4) 5 Aban­doned Rona and Holm as­so­ci­ated with Islets of Langer­hans? (8) 6 Over a bar­rel, odd loopy sol­diers may go for a dip here (4,3) 7 English re­serve makes work on com­puter (1-4) 8 13Ac irons, per­haps, be­fore thick skin gets to grips with heart­less bu­reau­cracy (6,6) 9 Foil bankcard fid­dle with 13Ac of house party (3,9) 15 Take sides three times about drink in pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion (4-1-4) 16 Bach­e­lor ine­bri­ated in the West­ern High­lands (8) 18 Char­lie or Craig Reid over a bar­rel, go­ing round with two drums (4-3) 20 Preacher has cli­max in first half of ser­mon (7) 22 El­gin in up­roar about 13Ac who’s not stand­ing? (5) 24 Sounds like Crowded House deal be­tween par­ties (4)

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