We must be able to get drugs we need

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IT’S very sad that nowa­days peo­ple can’t ac­cess some drugs for cer­tain ill­nesses that are de­bil­i­tat­ing (Laura chops off hair to back hus­band’s MND bat­tle, De­cem­ber 6).

We all have thought when we have paid our whole lives into the sys­tem, we in our hour of need, would get the treat­ment re­quired, sadly more and more nowa­days the drugs com­pa­nies are charg­ing phe­nom­e­nally high prices for drugs.

We should de­velop our own as we have so many tal­ented univer­sity grad­u­ated pro­fes­sion­als who have ac­cess to a free ed­u­ca­tion and then we will not be ripped off. That’s the way for­ward as it will only con­tinue to get worse.

Anne Hughes posted on­line

RE­GARD­LESS of the pur­pose of this protest by Ex­tinc­tion Re­bel­lion out­side Bar­clays, it’s good to see mem­bers of the pub­lic ex­er­cis­ing their demo­cratic right to protest, and with­out the au­thor­i­ties tak­ing a heavy handed ap­proach.

So, that would also be a ‘well done’ Po­lice Scot­land.

And the banks SHOULD be very re­spon­sive to the pub­lic’s con­cerns – be­cause the pub­lic tax­pay­ers bailed out the banks in 2008/9 –and the banks are still ben­e­fit­ing from cheap money.

Ste­vie BC Posted on­line

I DON’T eat meat. But even if I did, there is no way I would eat a chicken that has been raised poorly (An­i­mal rights protests at Sub­way, Glas­gow Times, De­cem­ber 5).You are tak­ing a chance with your own health by eat­ing this kind of poor qual­ity meat.

This demon­stra­tion is for meat-eaters’ ben­e­fit as well. The qual­ity of meat would be bet­ter if the an­i­mals had bet­ter liv­ing con­di­tions.

T Paine posted on­line

IT’S quite sat­is­fy­ing to see that an ac­tion like this can stir up thought pro­cesses which yeah, can re­sult in some­times ir­ra­tional trolling re­ac­tions but also aware­ness! Change is al­ways scary, be it when you chal­lenge aged be­liefs or de­cay­ing cul­tural norms or un­sus­tain­able food habits. But the world needs change be­cause clearly the cur­rent set-up is not work­ing. Ev­ery revo­lu­tion al­ways starts with a small up­ris­ing by a hand­ful of vi­sion­ar­ies and that’s who ev­ery an­i­mal rights/wel­fare ac­tivist is. So keep up the good work, these ef­forts will not go waste and soon we’ll live in a bet­ter, sus­tain­able world

Swati Chauhan Posted on­line

Jeremy Clark­son is an ob­nox­ious hu­man be­ing. His de­grad­ing

com­ments to young cli­mate change pro­tester Greta Thun­berg are to­tally out of or­der. He is a wealthy, white, mid­dle class Tory who ex­udes en­ti­tle­ment and should be ban­ished from our screens.

AM Glas­gow

The first task for any elected politi­cian would be to reach for the sky and to take from it that much promised pie and guar­an­tee it is pro­por­tion­ately shared among the electorate.

Next would be to de­clare an un­fet­tered need to serve the pub­lic with­out first serv­ing one’s own de­sire for the trap­pings and

fi­nan­cial gain of the of­fice one holds.

Done with that? Then it would be time to ad­dress the is­sues that af­fect the peo­ple most. To take di­rect or in­di­rect ac­tion as may be needed to re­solve those is­sues with­out the need for self praise or po­lit­i­cal point scor­ing.

Fi­nally, to re­mem­ber that you serve US, the electorate; it is not we that serve you. A point that would be good to re­mem­ber when your role is sub­ject to re­view prior to the next elec­tion. We place our fu­tures in your hands with the very clear un­der­stand­ing that yours is ab­so­lutely in ours.

Ke­van Navek Posted on­line

Laura Can­ning has her head shaved, left, and be­low the protest at Bar­clays

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