FLY-TIPPERS are rob­bing Glas­gow’s tax­pay­ers, the city coun­cil has said, as fig­ures show com­plaints are high­est in Pol­lok­shields, Lang­side, South­side Cen­tral and Hill­head.

Statis­tics, com­piled for each lo­cal author­ity ward, re­veal how many com­plaints were made be­tween April and Septem­ber this year, with more than 1000 re­ports in four wards.

They have led to calls for stricter en­force­ment to crack­down on of­fend­ers.

There has been 1236 com­plaints in Pol­lok­shields so far this fi­nan­cial year, up from 940 dur­ing the same pe­riod last year.

In Lang­side, there has been 1204 re­ports, 1122 in South­side Cen­tral, 1062 in Hill­head and 905 in Go­van, which has seen a 23% in­crease in com­plaints.

The other three fig­ures are slightly down on the same pe­riod in 2018.

Glas­gow City Coun­cil, which col­lects rub­bish dumped on pub­lic land, said, on some oc­ca­sions, mul­ti­ple re­ports are made or bulk up­lift items are re­ported as fly-tip­ping.

The num­ber of re­movals car­ried out by the coun­cil in Pol­lok­shields be­tween April and Septem­ber is 430, 121 more than last year.

For Lang­side the fig­ure is 451, a 13% rise, while it’s 391 in South­side Cen­tral, down by 36%.

In Hill­head, there has been 364 re­movals, down by 19%, and 331 in Go­van, which is a 7% in­crease.

Crosshill and Go­van­hill com­mu­nity councillor An­drew Car­berry said the fly-tip­ping prob­lem in Go­van­hill, part of South­side Cen­tral, is “mas­sive”.

“We’re never ever go­ing to stop that un­less there’s strict en­force­ment,” he told a meet­ing of the

South­side Cen­tral area part­ner­ship. “See if they dumped that stuff in Ar­gyle Street, there would be some­thing done then.

“We need to change the cul­ture, right now it’s seen as ac­cept­able to leave stuff in the street in Go­van­hill.”

He said, with over 50 lan­guages spo­ken in Go­van­hill, it is not pos­si­ble to print ad­vice for ev­ery­one. “Ed­u­ca­tion only goes so far,” he added.

Be­tween 2016 and 2019, the most af­fected streets in Glas­gow were Pais­ley Road West, Lang­side Road, Great Western Road, Dum­bar­ton Road and Al­li­son Street. Com­plaints rose from 10,568 in 2017 to 19,141 last year.

At the Pol­lok­shields area part­ner­ship, Bailie Norman MacLeod said some res­i­dents had prob­lems get­ting through to the coun­cil on the phone to re­port is­sues.

A coun­cil spokesman said: “Fly-tip­ping is a bla­tant form of anti-so­cial be­hav­iour.

“It dam­ages the en­vi­ron­ment, un­der­mines com­mu­ni­ties and di­verts scarce re­sources to clear­ing up after peo­ple who de­lib­er­ately choose to dump their waste in unac­cept­able ways.

“Fly-tippers are lit­er­ally dump­ing on Glas­gow and rob­bing the city’s tax­pay­ers into the bar­gain.

“Sadly, it is no longer a sur­prise that peo­ple con­tinue to treat Glas­gow as their own, per­sonal dump­ing ground, but it is a con­stant source of dis­may and dis­gust.

“The ap­palling thing is that there is ab­so­lutely no ex­cuse for fly-tip­ping as our four, ma­jor house­hold waste re­cy­cling cen­tres are open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

“We also con­tinue to op­er­ate a bulk up-lift ser­vice that is free of charge for a wide range of items.

“We urge any­one who wit­nesses fly-tip­ping to re­port this to us and where ever we find ev­i­dence of who is re­spon­si­ble for in­di­vid­ual acts of fly-tip­ping we will take en­force­ment action.”

The re­cy­cling cen­tres are at Pol­madie, Shield­hall, Daw­sholm and Queenslie.

Fly-tip­ping on the streets of Glas­gow

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