Fun fac­tor has been taken from youth footy

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THE prob­lem with youth footy is that the fun el­e­ment has been re­moved (Prices cut to en­cour­age youth foot­ball in Glas­gow, Tues­day).

Var­i­ous kids of friends and fam­ily have given up youth foot­ball due to the fact that they are sim­ply not good enough in the coaches’ eyes and they don’t get picked to play.

I ap­pre­ci­ate that not ev­ery child is Pele, how­ever not ev­ery youth coach is the spe­cial one ei­ther, and it should be about fun and ex­er­cise.

And yes, if you are lucky enough to be good or great, then you can progress but at the least the kids who are not go­ing to make it pro­fes­sion­ally can still play and en­joy it.

Claire Glas­gow Posted on­line

HOW about we don’t charge our kids to play foot­ball?

How about we go back and make spa­ces for them to play foot­ball in their schemes, in parks or var­i­ous other places?

Claire Glas­gow

Posted on­line

MARTIN BOOTS states that a pro­posed in­de­pen­dence march in Glas­gow in Jan­uary will cause ‘mas­sive dis­rup­tion’ (Let­ters, Tues­day).

I re­alise that the UK has swung to the ex­treme right af­ter the elec­tion but as far as I know peo­ple still have the right to demon­strate (at least for the mo­ment).

Some folks tacit ac­cep­tance of sec­tar­ian marches on our streets causes me more con­cern than peo­ple ex­press­ing a po­lit­i­cal opin­ion.



WHEREAS this is a fab­u­lous idea (NHS work­ers of­fered 60% su­per­mar­ket dis­counts by ‘green’ gro­cery firm, Tues­day), the peo­ple whom mem­ber­ship is lim­ited to tend to have fairly de­cent salaries in com­par­i­son to oth­ers who may be on the bread­line.

I feel that this should be more ac­ces­si­ble to those who are strug­gling. Olivia Don­nelly

Posted on­line

NONE of those in­tended cus­tomers ac­tu­ally need gim­icky dis­counts. Why not in­stead give the 60% off to those on prov­able re­duced cir­cum­stances; you know, the ones that ac­tu­ally have to rely on food banks.

Ke­van Navek

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BRIL­LIANT idea! About time our emer­gency ser­vices got recog­ni­tion of a kind, even if it is in this small way.

God knows they are taken for granted and more and more are suf­fer­ing abuse and violence from some of the id­iots they have to deal with. So, yeah, we’ll done for this.

Rae M

Posted on­line

We re­ported last night that prices are to be cut for pitch hire prices for youth foot­ball

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