Tory poli­cies are far more of­fen­sive than ban­ner

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I’LL tell you what I find of­fen­sive (The Tory View: SNP must speak out against th­ese march ban­ners). I find a so­cial se­cu­rity sys­tem that has been dec­i­mated to the point that tens of thou­sands in this coun­try have to rely on food­banks of­fen­sive. I find it of­fen­sive that we get a govern­ment that we didn’t vote for forced upon us, and that su­per-rich Tory sup­port­ers and donors avoid and evade pay­ing their tax.

I find it of­fen­sive that Boris John­son is try­ing to deny Scots the right to self-de­ter­mi­na­tion, and that we have nu­clear sub­marines on the Clyde while our NHS is starved of re­sources.

I find it of­fen­sive that many of our ci­ti­zens are be­ing de­nied the right to re­tire with dig­nity, piti­ful state pen­sions be­ing pushed out of reach as the pen­sion age gets raised ever higher. How many are forced to work un­til they drop?

The scourge of home­less­ness of­fends me. It is to­tally un­ac­cept­able that peo­ple are dy­ing on our streets in this coun­try.

Ban­ners declar­ing “Tory scum out” and “end Lon­don rule”? Hold them higher, repli­cate five mil­lion more. Send a clear mes­sage about what is re­ally of­fen­sive in this coun­try.

Alan Brown

GOOD news for Glas­gow (His­toric Spring­burn Ca­ley rail­works could be re-opened by Brexit-back­ing ty­coon). The SNP Govern­ment did not do any­thing to save the Ca­ley. Less than 20 days un­til we get out of the EU su­per­state. What are the fa­natic EU Re­main­ers go­ing to do now? The party is over guys.

Shaun Costello

THE Scot­tish Govern­ment should have touted the Ca­ley to the Span­ish firm TALGO, which is look­ing to build lo­cos in Scot­land and con­sid­er­ing build­ing a fac­tory at Kin­car­dine. The Ca­ley would’ve been ideal, but it looks like Glas­gow has lost th­ese jobs.

If this guy is se­ri­ous about in­vest­ing in the Ca­ley then the govern­ment should en­cour­age him now that we don’t have EU reg­u­la­tions to obey with re­gards to sub­si­dis­ing our own UK com­pa­nies.

Paco Za­p­atos

I NOTE all th­ese new on-street bins. I keep think­ing the coun­cil has cre­ated more work for it­self given that bud­gets keep get­ting leaner. I also note big bin lor­ries emp­ty­ing back-court bins go­ing straight past th­ese bins which might be full as well. Maybe a root-and-branch re­view is fully needed.

Name and Ad­dress sup­plied

THE is­sue of tax­payer money be­ing spent on taxi fares needs to be ad­dressed (More than £12 mil­lion spent on school taxis). In the north of the city there

are chil­dren be­ing picked up and dropped off at lo­cal schools who could very eas­ily be ac­com­pa­nied by walk­ing to the school.

Also, why are taxis be­ing pro­vided for school staff who can eas­ily make their own way like other work­ers have to do? Nice lit­tle earner for the taxi com­pa­nies.

TC Glas­gow

MY daugh­ter, who has ad­di­tional needs, was taken to school in the bus last term. Ten min­utes af­ter she ar­rived at the school a taxi would take her to col­lege from the school. The bus would take the es­cort home, pass­ing the

col­lege be­fore go­ing to the de­pot. The driv­ers tried telling bosses but were ig­nored.

John Holmes

EM­PLOY­ING mini buses would not work. I’ve seen the size of this first hand, you would need a fleet of mini buses, and it’s not just a case of the chil­dren. Many of the more vul­ner­a­ble ones travel with es­corts, so they need picked up as well. Also, the fact that all the schools start and fin­ish at the same time would, with­out taxis, make it lo­gis­ti­cally im­pos­si­ble. It’s a mas­sive op­er­a­tion, ev­ery morn­ing and af­ter­noon.

Nicholas Lear­month

There were ban­ners at the in­de­pen­dence march in Glas­gow read­ing ‘Tory scum out’ and ‘end Lon­don rule’

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