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The first joint hold­ers of our mu­sic award were Alan Bunt­ing and David Ades, who did so much to keep the light mu­sic genre alive. Sadly, both died not long af­ter­wards and Alan’s fam­ily were left with a huge col­lec­tion of CDs which he had painstak­ingly re­mas­tered for pos­ter­ity over sev­eral years. Not only did Tony Clay­den, a Lon­doner, gal­lop to the res­cue by buy­ing and re­triev­ing them all from Scot­land but he had al­ready re­badged the for­mer Robert Farnon So­ci­ety which David Ades led for many decades. The net re­sult is the Lon­don Light Mu­sic Group which he has since linked up to sev­eral other wor­thy mu­sic web­sites, thus avoid­ing the po­ten­tial dis­ap­pear­ance of prob­a­bly thou­sands of once fa­mil­iar tunes. He has also con­tin­ued David and Alan’s won­der­ful work with Guild Records in Switzer­land who pro­duce a mem­o­rable se­ries of light mu­sic CDs.

A record­ing and sound en­gi­neer, Tony is one of a small band of peo­ple who recog­nise the value and worth of good mu­sic within so­ci­ety and he has amassed many mu­si­cal friends along the way, in­clud­ing the Bev­er­ley Sis­ters.

Tony, we thank you for fill­ing a huge mu­si­cal void and wish you well as you con­tinue to make his­toric and tune­ful melodies avail­able to the gen­eral pub­lic. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion go to www. lon­don­light­mu­ uk

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