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Above, then clock­wise: Lt. Hu­bert Gru­ber, Col. Kurt Von Strohm and Gen­eral Erich Von Klink­er­hof­fen; Von Klink­er­hof­fen with Mon­sieur Alphonse the un­der­taker; Otto Flick and Helga Geer­hart; Mon­sieur Le­Clerc; Capt. Al­berto Ber­torelli; bar­maid Maria with the Bri­tish air­men; Capt. Hans Geer­ing ( left) and Col. Von Strohm as French onion sell­ers; Madame Fanny; En­gel­bert Von Small­hausen; Michelle Dubois of the Re­sis­tance, and bar­maid Mimi Labonq.

If you would like to know what be­came of a fa­mous per­son of yes­ter­year then write to us at the ad­dress be­low and we’ll see what we can find out: “What­ever Hap­pened to...?”, Ever­green, The Lyp­i­atts, Lans­down Road, Cheltenham, Glouces­ter­shire GL50 2JA edi­[email protected] ev­er­green­

Edith and René with bar­maid Yvette CarteBlanche ( left) and Of­fi­cer Crab­tree ( right).

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