Lexus RC F

A novel mod­i­fi­ca­tion puts a lit­tle ex­tra lead in the coupe’s pen­cil

Evo - - FAST FLEET - Richard Meaden (@Dick­iemeaden)

IKEA. HOME OF THE BILLY book­case, meat­balls and free mod­i­fi­ca­tions for the Lexus RC F. You what? Al­low me to ex­plain.

A month or so back I re­ceived an email from a loyal evo sub­scriber and Lexus RC F owner called An­drew, who wanted to share a rather neat tweak he’s come across for the RC F. His note went like this: ‘Dear Dickie, it’s great to read your re­ports on the RC F and to find you are lik­ing it as much as I do. I’ve now owned mine for 27 months and can’t see any­thing to re­place it with; it’s a keeper. I’m writ­ing to of­fer a 20-pence mod­i­fi­ca­tion for GY17 OBF, cour­tesy of the Lexus RC F fo­rum.

‘Un­der the bon­net, on the front offside, is a square box with a small flex­i­ble pipe about as thick as a pen­cil. Pull the pipe off the box and in­sert a golf tee (long plas­tic type) up the pipe. Per­son­ally, I’ve got bet­ter things to do than play golf so I saved 20p on a tee and used a pink pen­cil in­stead.

‘The box has a flap which nor­mally opens at around 4000rpm un­der heavy throt­tle. With the golf tee/pen­cil in­serted into the flex­i­ble pipe the flap re­mains open at all rpm. Its adds ex­tra joy when you just want to am­ble around.’

In­trigued, I did some­thing I never nor­mally do — had a rum­mage be­neath the RC F’s bon­net. There, as de­scribed, was the flex­i­ble pipe, which de­tached eas­ily, and a free­bie IKEA pen­cil proved to be the per­fect size and length, with a small zip-tie se­cur­ing it neatly to the ad­ja­cent pipe. Job done.

The child­ish bit of me was hop­ing for some kind of C63 Amg-style bel­low when I started the en­gine, so I was a lit­tle dis­ap­pointed that the 5-litre V8 re­mained its po­lite-yet- pur­pose­ful self. How­ever, a quick blat round the block re­vealed that the IKEA pen­cil had in­deed ef­fected a wel­come gain in en­gine sound when on the move. It hasn’t changed the note or in­creased the vol­ume, but whereas the RC F’s bel­low kicked in like a switch around 4000rpm un­der wide throt­tle open­ings, it now ar­rives more freely and sounds far less con­trived as a re­sult. Or­ganic, al­most.

It’s still not an­i­mal­is­tic in the man­ner of an AMG Benz or Jaguar SVR, which is a shame as I’d love to know what the Lexus would sound like prop­erly un­corked. That said, it’s the RC F’s per­for­mance and ma­tu­rity that’s a big part of its ap­peal. The pen­cil mod does noth­ing to de­tract from that, but does add a lit­tle spark to brighten your jour­ney.

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