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Porsche’s GT2 RS too wild and the GT3 too mild for you? Try the new GT3 RS

Evo - - PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS -


The GT3 RS’S nat­u­rally a spi­rated 4- litre flat- six is car­ried over from the pre­vi­ous­gen­er­a­tion car ( and the cur­rent GT3), with power in­crea sing by 20bhp to 513bhp at 8450rpm ( 200rpm higher than its pre­de­ces­sor) and torque ris­ing by 7lb f t to 346lb f t. There’s a new ti­ta­nium ex­haust with 91mm di­am­e­ter pipes, a re­vised in­take sys­tem and a new en­gine mana ge­ment sys­tem that ac­count for the slight­est of gains in the sprints ( at 3.2 sec­onds it’s a tenth quicker than the old car to 62mph) but will have a big ger im­pact on the car’s a s- yetundis­closed Nür­bur­gring lap time.

Those hop­ing for the GT3’ s man­ual gear­box op­tion will be dis­ap­pointed to hear the RS will only be avail­able with a seven- speed PDK ’ box. The unit is be­spoke to this RS, with Porsche go­ing to such leng ths be­cause the loads put through the nat­u­rally a spi­rated RS com­pared with the tur­bocharged GT2 RS are ver y dif fer­ent. The shif ts are quicker and the throt­tle re­sponse is also im­proved.

The lim­ited- slip dif fer­en­tial is an elec­tron­i­cally con­trolled, torque- vec­tor­ing item and there’s also rear- wheel steer­ing and dy­namic en­gine mounts a s stan­dard. 2 CHAS­SIS Un­der­pin­ning the new GT3 RS are many of the sus­pen­sion com­po­nents de­vel­oped for the GT2 RS. The adap­tive PASM dampers have been re­cal­i­brated spe­cific ally for this flavour of RS, while the spring and damper rates sit be­tween those of the GT3 and GT2 RS, the lat­ter hav­ing twice the spring rate of the out go­ing GT3 RS. All but the rear- steer­ing joints are rose- jointed; the for­mer have been fur ther mod­i­fied to im­prove a gility, with com­for t sac­ri­ficed for in­crea sed tac­til­ity and pre­ci­sion over a reg­u­lar GT3.

Run­ning a 265/ 35 R20 tyre on the front and a 325/ 30 R21 on the rear, the RS’S wheel and tyre sizes are iden­ti­cal to those of a GT2 RS, but the rear tyre’s com­pound is spe­cific to the GT3 RS. Car­bon- ce­ramic brakes are op­tional and the forged wheels are each 100g lighter than those on the pre­vi­ous GT3 RS.


Car­bon- shelled bucket seats? Check. Light­weight door cards, door pulls made from seat- belt web­bing , and stora ge nets in the doors? Check. Al­can­tara steer­ing wheel? Yes, that too. The no - cost Club­spor t packa ge adds a half roll- ca ge, fire ex tin­guisher and a six- point har­ness. A Weis­sach Packa ge will also be avail­able and will add a car­bon­fi­bre front bon­net and anti- roll bar, a ti­ta­nium half- ca ge and the GT2 RS ma gne­sium wheels. How­ever, high de­mand for the Weis­sach kit on the GT2 RS – 90 per cent of cus­tomers are spec­c­ing it – means those tick­ing the same box for their GT3 RS will have to wait a while longer for their car to be built. And the cost for the ba sic car, should you be granted a place in the or­der book? £ 141, 346. 4 BODY As with the pre­vi­ous GT3 RS and the cur­rent GT2 RS, this lat­est GT model leaves noth­ing in the pit gara ge when it comes to aero­dy­namic ad­denda. There’s a pair of cool­ing ducts in the front bon­net, the front wings re­tain the slats cut into their top sur face to al­low tur­bu­lent air out of the whee­larches, and there are air in­takes po­si­tioned ahead of the rear wheels. Vents in the rear bumper draw air through the rear wheel open­ing s. The fixed rear wing is from the GT2 RS and is po­si­tioned higher than the pre­vi­ous GT3 RS’S item, gen­er­at­ing be­tween seven and eight per cent more down­force but not at the ex­pense of dra g , which is said to be lower. Un­der the car is a new rear dif fuser.

The GT2 RS’S ma gne­sium roof and thin­ner rear gla ss are used and the bumpers and whee­larches are light­weight polyurethane.

Above: Lizard Green is likely to be a sig­na­ture colour for the 991.2 GT3 RS; side de­cals, like the colour, hark back to the 997.1 GT3 RS

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