Mercedes-amg E63S

The E’s appeal keeps growing

- Stuart Gallagher (@stuartg917)

IT’S BEEN OCCUPYING MY MIND FOR a while now: what is it about the E63 S that makes it stand out over and above the RS6 and M5 (non-comp) I have previously run on the evo Fleet? The AMG certainly isn’t as pumped as the Audi and its grey paintwork is far more discreet than the blue hue of our old RS6, but it has far more presence than the M5; that car took the definition of ‘sleeper’ to extremes.

There’s next to nothing in performanc­e and powertrain­s between the three to make a huge difference. All use a tried and tested formula of around four litres capacity, eight cylinders, a couple of turbocharg­ers and a gearbox offering eight or nine ratios driving all four wheels, or just two if you dive into the drive modes.

Yet despite this, my affections for the E63 grow by the day, whereas both the RS and M-car felt more normal as the ‘ownership’ period went on. I can only put it down to the AMG having a character and personalit­y of its own.

From how it looks, to how you sink into it and immediatel­y feel at home and how it leaves you in no doubt that it’s got your back, every trip in the 63 S feels like it is being made with a good mate. Short blasts are a laugh, long days glide by, motorway miles are batted away. In two days this month we covered 600 miles on journeys with no discernabl­e reason to be remembered, yet I can recall every moment as clear as day. That’s how much it has got under my skin.

Oh, and this month’s ‘Will I regret not getting an estate?’ scenario saw a new front door and accompanyi­ng frame fit in the boot with the rear seats folded. So the answer to that is still ‘no’.

Date acquired November 2021 Total mileage 12,555 Mileage this month 1014 Cost this month £0 mpg this month 23.1

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